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Want to see what industry leading retailers look like first hand? Our team of experts have the contacts to give you unrivalled access to a range of successful retailers, to make tangible improvements to your business.

Hear first-hand from a range of leading retailers on their latest formats and offer developments on special hosted visits to their latest and fast evolving convenience stores. Check out the latest innovations and benefit from C-Store Collective’s experts who can bring their understanding to the developments in our industry and apply it to your business.

Whether you are a business looking for best in class retail examples, or a retailer who wishes to learn from the best, our study tours will take you behind the scenes at some of the country’s best c-stores and supermarkets, to give insight into all of the following:

  • Location planning
  • Liaison with sponsors
  • Agree specific sites
  • Attendee selection
  • Transport management
  • Hotel selection and booking
  • Cost control
  • Crucial timing control
  • Overall project management

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