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By engaging the customer at the point of purchase, we can advise your business about how to gain competitive advantage by using brand ambassadors to influence customer choice, elevating your brand and directly making sales. Brand ambassadors report back on in-store activity, competitor activity, how retail staff engage with customers and also stock level confirmation.

We know convenience store retail inside and out, and our advice on training and preparation is second to none that’s specific to your brand, whether it’s for a product launch, continued in-store presence, or a special event, we provide the very highest quality advice and access to the best people.

Whether you are a new brand to the c-store channel or an established brand looking to gain competitive advantage, C-Store Collective can help you in the following ways:

Drive distribution

  • Retail
  • Wholesale

Introductions to key players

  • Retailers
  • Symbol groups
  • Managed chains
  • Wholesalers
  • Associations

Assist trial and case study

  • Direct with retailers

Be a brand ambassador

  • Attend meetings
  • Support events
  • Support trade shows
  • Support social media

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