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Keep your business moving forward by understanding the details of your results and plan for the next steps. C-Store Collective partners stationed on the Assess & Review Line help you understand your business performance, compliance and share and learn from likeminded business leaders.

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We are a key affiliate of the ACS. The Association of Convenience stores is the voice of local shops and represents our industry at the heart of government.

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As a key affiliate of the ACS we have great synergies and mutual appreciation of the work carried out by The Association of Convenience stores. As the voice of local shops the ACS represents our industry at the heart of government.

w: https://www.acs.org.uk/

e: acs@acs.org.uk

t: 01252515001

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Go Audits

Less paperwork, more insights. Work smarter with our mobile auditing solution and focus on what really matters.

w: https://goaudits.com/convenience/

t: 0203 966 7776

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OpenRoom creates industry specific events around the world, connecting high-powered end-users with innovative suppliers.

We use one-to-one meetings and social functions to help our delegates develop new business.

We provide the ultimate networking experience.

w: https://www.openroomevents.com

t: +44 208 222 8837

e: emma@openroomevents.com

e: fiona@openroomevents.com

Over 100 years of experience we’ll ensure you get the best guidance.